turtlesteach (turtlesteach) wrote,

Dream... meaning?

I had an odd dream last night and I really don't want to forget it. At first, I did. But for the life of me, I couldn't fall back to sleep. I'm not sure how long I just laid there, trying to process the meaning of the dream. I felt like it was a premonition of sorts that I don't want to go unnoticed. There were some early parts that didn't seem to be related, but maybe they were. Had to deal with school, being there late at night, the copy room and somehow the copier was a color copier! How kool is that? NCTE kinda played a role, I think Melissa and I were prepping for it?

Anyhow, the latter part was the disturbing part. I had left school and driven to someone's house. In the dream it belonged to Mike and Wendy, but it's not their current house. There was an upstairs. No one was home. I went upstairs to sit and watch TV. I left my car top open with all my stuff in the front passenger seat. So, I think I fell asleep in front of the TV. Woke up a bit later. Wendy was home with the kids. I went to leave, talked with Wendy briefly and then went outside. My front passenger seat was empty. I basically had a nervous breakdown. I called 911, which took forever to get through. I finally did and they were going to send someone to help me. My biggest concern was my laptop. I'm not sure why I thought we'd be able to track it down because who knows how long it was gone. But, I still pursued with full force. I think maybe we were in a closed circuit system. The "officer" who came to help me and the main reason I feel this was some kind of premonition or warning dream was one of the elders from Harborside church... almost like a representation of God. Hmmmmm. So, he asked his questions and then we searched. We found the laptop behind the desk of Jennifer Albritton, which is really weird because she's an elderly, handicapped lady friend from USF and TBAWP. We found my purse and credit cards in her desk drawer. She appeared and was openly guilty. They took her away. One specific moment that was peculiarly detailed... was I found my wallet, opened it and saw some key credit cards missing. All I could think and even spoke out loud was "she's got to "xykd" with my credit". Hmmmm... My laptop had been attempted to be wiped clean, but everything was still in the trash can, so I worked on restoring things. The turtle on the front had been tried to rip off, but that sucker goes no where. It was all very weird. So, I'm trying to figure out what God was telling me. The most obvious thing is to not let my life be run by my laptop and money? But somehow I think it goes a little deeper than that.

So, I'm pondering.

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