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Goddess of...

water goddess
The goddess of Water. You can be calm, collected,
and fluent at times, but can change in an
instant into a raging ball of fury. Just like
ocean storms, you leave no survivors in your
path and you do not tolerate nonsense in dire
situations. You are most likely the
"peacemaker" of your group of friends
and people can always count on you to hear
their side of the story. You enjoy time with
friends, just not ALL the time. You could
survive without friends, but you wouldn't be
able to last forever. You need company and so
if you were the Water Goddess then you would go
to the ocean, a river, or a lake and you would
spend time with the animals that live there.
Since you are a Water Goddess, you power is the
ability to breathe underwater, which gives you
the perfect hiding place from enemies.

What are you a Goddess of? - (with anime pics)
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