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loooooong weekend

It's been so nice and we even have one more day left. All school weeks should only be four day weeks... that would be lovely. Got to hang out with the mom's yesterday. She's taken the job in Cleveland and it's gonna suck with her being gone all the time. I'm sure it won't be that much different because I don't get to see her all too often and she'll be coming home a lot. Dad will be going up there a lot. Just changes some things. It sucks when I don't get to go over there every two weeks or so. She's been talking to a psychic and it's really weird because some of it is quite telling. She offered to pay for a session for me. I'm thinking about it... just really weird. I'm also not good on the phone, almost like I'm a phonaphobic. Not sure when that starting, but ever since I can remember that's for sure. It's the written word I enjoy and feel comfortable with. However, that does seriously limit my communication with certain peoples... like BECKY! It burns the fire in my blood every time I think about her. I need to just let it go, but it's so difficult. I shifted through all the pics on the Fresh Start Church website and it was a weird feeling. I really don't understand those people anymore and I guess it's all for the best. Everything happens for a reason, right? Right.

My best friend however is coming to visit in a few weeks!!!! WOOO HOOO. She has never seen our house and kinda barely has met Adam. She was in the wedding, but she really didn't get to "hang out" with him. Then the next time was at her wedding in April... much of the same circumstances. She's actually coming to play in the PHS Athletic Golf tournament with us. I'm very excited. She and I played golf together in high school and were also on yearbook together. We met at the end of our junior year and became instant friends after our common interest and enjoyment of bouncing the bouncey balls in the elevators at SIPA. Lots of memories with Jess. Lots of traveling and great adventures have been had. The last time I went to New Orleans, it was with her. Three weeks before September 11th, we had taken Amtrak up to NYC... laid on the ground to take picutres of the WTC and then stopped in DC... spent a few days there, almost got accosted walking into the Pentagon. That was all very eerie. We're very different people in so many ways, but for some reason we still have a connection after all these years... much more than any other friend through high school and college. Even when she lived in CO, then CA and now GA. I did my hometown traveling growing up... we've kinda flip flopped roles in that sense.

Anyways, it's been quite a long time since I had a journal. My other live journal is: abswwjd... my identity for quite a long time. I really don't think your identity alters through life. I really think you establish new ones and the old ones die away. But I think that shall be a subject for another day.

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